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School Tours

We put the FIELD in Field Trip

Are you looking for a fun and educational activity for your class this Fall!? Look no further, bring your class or daycare kids to our farm for a field trip! We really mean FIELD trip!

Agriculture is important to us and we want to share our passion! Our ancestors started farming in York Region in the mid-1800’s  — that makes us fourth generation farmers!

Our knowledgeable guides will take your class on a tour of the farm property where they will learn how pumpkins grow from seed to harvest.


A wagon ride to the pumpkin patch will allow them to pick a pumpkin straight from the field.  From there they will be delighted to see our pumpkin cannon in operation – it’s always a highlight of the visit!


Next the students will be introduced to our farm animals: Munchkin the pony, Coco the crazy friendly goat and Chenille the fainter goat.

After visiting the animals, students are welcome to try to solve our Corn Maze!

For information and to reserve your 2, 3 or 4 hour School Tour please contact us below or call us for information;

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