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Preparing for the Farm...

We are happy to be open this season to be able to provide our customers with Fresh Ontario produce, as well as fresh baking and Ontario meats, cheeses and dairy products.   

General Rules and Guidelines for our Farm

1. SCF is a working farm, in order to keep it healthy and everyone safe we ask that you respect the market, the land and the workers

2. Although we love dogs, due to health rules we cannot allow dogs in the market, in the fields or in our amazing acres play ground unless they are certified and registered helper animals as per the government of Ontario

3. We are a no smoking zone. Smoking is prohibited on our premises

4. When picking in the fields please dress appropriately for the weather; the fields may be muddy, or appropriate rain gear should be used. Please note that PYO fields may have admissions, please check in the market before entering the field

5. Our animals love attention but please do not stick your fingers into the fence, they may bite. They can be fed lettuce, grass or an occasional apple or carrot as a treat but never corn or bread

6. Amazing Acres playground is open by donation all summer long, and your children are welcome to play in the play yard with your supervision during the summer. This year, our donations are going to support Sunrise Pregnancy and Family Support Services. In the Fall however we charge a small admission of $8 on Saturdays and $5 during the week because we add the corn maze, tiny town and the pumpkin cannon demo!!

7. Please do not barter prices, our produce is all local and we work hard to ensure quality produce at a fair price

8. We have shopping carts and baskets available for your shopping convenience, we ask that you do not leave your items on the counter or crowd other customers when checking out

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