Pick Your Own

We offer the pick your own option for several of our fruits and vegetables. This includes:

  • Strawberries – Finished for the season.
  • Raspberries are finished for the season.
  • Peas – Finished for the season.
  • Beans – Finished for the season
  • Pumpkins – until October 31st

****** PLEASE NOTE:  Pick Your Own Raspberries  *******  There is an admission fee of $4.00 per person (aged 5 & older) to get into the patch. This amount will be used as a credit towards all raspberries picked.

Please keep in mind pick your own is subject to availability and weather permitting. Call to confirm 905.868.9996.

All persons entering the pick your own field must have a basket or container to pick into. NO SNACKING, PLEASE!

Please bring your own containers.

Children are welcome in our fields, but the must have proper supervision.

Fruit should be rinsed before consuming.

Patch closes at 5:30pm.